News-letter September 2012

IBC Robotics container cleaning solution at the Eskilstuna Logistics Park

IBC Robotics has a demonstration facility at the Eskilstuna Logistics Terminal for automatic cleaning of 20 feet containers. We are in the process of scaling up this facility to also be able to handle and clean 40 feet containers.

The Eskilstuna Logistics Terminal is one of the major container terminals in Sweden, working closely with the sea port of Gothenburg city. The terminal is currently investing heavily in their infrastructure facilities making it the ideal choice for IBC Robotics to further verify its container cleaning solution at full capacity.Already today the Eskilstuna terminal can handle up to 160 000 TEU per year. Check out the Eskilstuna Logistics Terminal at

Stockholm Cleantech Venture Day, September 27

IBC Robotics has been nominated to take part in the Stockholm Cleantech Venture Capital Day, September 27. The nominees are carefully selected Swedish hi-tech businesses, with great potential for becoming leading in their market segments, and at the same time they are competing for the prize as the 2012 Swedish cleantech company.

More information about this event is available at

IBC Robotics at the TOC event in Dubai, October 1-3

IBC Robotics will exhibit at this year Middle East TOC event in Dubai, 1-3 October. If you are coming to the event, make sure you give us a visit in our C48 exhibition booth. Here you will have the possibility to learn more about our technology and look more into our cleaning solution as we will bring with us a 1:10 scaled model of our product. IBC Robotics will take this great conference and exhibit occasion to look for future partners. for more information!

IBC Robotics and the Internet

IBC Robotics recently launched a new web site. If you haven’t already checked it out please navigate to To keep up with our progress in the container service, you will also find us on Twitter ( and Linkedin