5 reasons for using ice blasting in your industrial cleaning process

There are many reasons for using ice blasting as a cleaning method in an industrial environment. Here we are listing 5 reasons for why you should use Ice Blasting in Your cleaning process:

Ice before being blasted

  1. Fast and efficient!
    Ice blasting is a dry cleaning method. You don’t need to spend time waiting for your equipment to dry before you can use it again. The cleaning method works on all surfaces and on all different contaminants.
  2. Safe!
    The carbon ice used in the ice blasting process is non-toxic, non-conductive, non-flammable and non-abrasive making it safe not only for the workers but also for the surfaces and electrical components it is being used on.
  3. Environmental friendly!
    The method of cleaning with ice blasting does no involve the use of water or solvents. The carbon ice used in the cleaning process is a recycled byproduct of other industrial processes such as the manufacture of ethanol.
  4. Easy to use and handle
    Ice carbon is very easy to use and to handle. You can even produce it at your site. The only remains from the ice carbon cleaning process is dry dust that can be evacuated easily after the blasting process.
  5. Suitable for automation.
    IBC Robotics has patented and integrated the ice blasting process in an automated procedure for cleaning of ship containers. An automated cleaning process is both cost effective and speeds up the cleaning process.


For more information on Ice Blasting check up Wiki:

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